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How to enjoy a Natural Noël?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

I'm super excited this year that the idea of a #naturalchristmas is 'snowballing' (#sorrynotsorry) into a major trend. And it's something we've been passionate about for ages!

Rustic vibes, natural materials and the warmth of wooden gifts is our thing. For us, our Christmas gift designs are pieces to be kept and used year after year - even handed down over time. I've still got some awesome vintage decorations from my great-grandma and they take their place in our house each December.

Christmas to Keep

There's an idyllic charm to handcrafted wooden gifts. They're a personal and thoughtful present and have always inspired a sense of togetherness at Christmas.

It's always been a tradition in our family, that everyone gets one #handmade gift each year. There have been some amazing presents received between us; and some hilarious shockers. We all get far too excited on Christmas morning for our annual handmade #secretsanta gifts.

For us, it's important that our children learn to appreciate the joy and magic of #christmas and not just count toys. That's why our gifts for children are thoughtfully made to excite their imaginations. They know when a gift has been made especially for them and these are the ones they treasure each year.

Personalised Christmas Eve Santa Key Keepsake
Small hands - big belief! Photography by

So this Christmas, take some time out from the hustle and bustle of the festive season and spread some love with a meaningful gift instead!

One of my favourite pieces this year is our Santa Key Keepsake, made especially for little hands from smoothly sanded birch wood in a lovely large size.

It's just the thing for homes without a chimney (or those with a nicely lit hot fire..) and perfect as a surprise gift in a Christmas Eve box. Each key is finished by hand and delivered in a little gift sack, complete with our hand lettered poem.

Santa Key Keepsakes are available now in our shop.


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