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Share the Magic of Christmas!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Christmas is possibly the most magical experience for children (as every parent is well aware of). The traditions of Christmas are shared with them from being little and the festivities year after year build on the excitement.

3 am "Has he been?!" - "No. Go back to bed." 4 am... 5 am... Sound familiar?

Oh ok, I'll admit it's totally magical for me too! And every other adult who tries to capture that festive buzz every December.

Children reading a letter from Father Christmas
Sharing the magic of Christmas. Photography by

Capture that Christmas Vibe

For me, that Christmas warm-inside vibe comes when I see the joy and suspense on the children's faces. It's for this reason that I created our 'Letter from Santa'.

Our letters make an awesome surprise gift in a Christmas Eve box or casually delivered by the mailman with their name on the envelope. The watercolour illustrations and story engages their imaginations and is a joy to read together as a family.


It's the little details

I designed the Christmas letters to have a wonderfully tactile feel, made from super soft cotton pulp. Each letter has handwritten details in a gorgeous deep claret ink, including their name and a list of the gifts they've asked Santa for. Oooh, and because I LOVE the little details - there's also a wax seal and gold-foiled 'Nice List Certificate' (stamped by hand in our studio).

You'll love sharing this magical experience with your children!

'Letters from Santa' are available now in our shop.


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